Personalized hormonal healthcare

Our mission is to create a medical system that puts hormones center stage—transforming the future of healthcare for people with cycles forever.

Where it all began

Shardi Nahavandi, our CEO and founder, couldn’t drink water, she couldn’t see, her hair was falling out. Initially, doctors suspected bowel cancer and she underwent dozens of tests. Once cancer was ruled out, her doctors dismissed her symptoms as stress.

Shardi knew something else was going on. Set on uncovering the answers herself she quit her job to pursue master’s degrees in Health Technology and Edincronology. Countless research papers later, she found the answer— she had a hormone imbalance.

Ignited by her passion to help women understand their hormones better, Shardi started Tuune.

Technology built with empathy

We work with (not against) the research and medical community to enact real change in womens’ healthcare effectively and efficiently. And we’re starting with contraceptive health, making sure your birth control is as unique as you are.

Meet the team

We are a team of scientists, doctors, researchers, and engineers from all walks of life—united by and completely obsessed with hormonal health.

Shardi Nahavandi

Shardi Nahavandi

Founder, CEO

Stephen Butler

Stephen Butler, PhD

Head of Research & Innovation

Jessica Pearce

Jessica Pearce, DO


Jennifer Afman

Jennifer Afman, CNM

Nurse Midwife

Brian Welsh

Brian Welsh, MD

FACOG, Medical Advisor

Sarah Hill

Sarah Hill, PhD

Psychologist, Clinical Advisor, Author “This is Your Brain on Birth Control”

Kelly Culwell

Kelly Culwell, MD

OB/GYN, Medical Advisor

Ali Kubba

Ali Kubba, MD

Gynecologist, Medical Advisor

Our research partners

columbia university

Values that unite us

At the core of everything we build and do.



We’re helping rebuild a medical system that brings hormones center stage— transforming the future of healthcare for people with cycles.



Our algorithm is agnostic and built using the latest scientific evidence. Our recommendations are free from bias– pill, patch, hormonal or not, we don’t play favorites.



We consider health holistically and deep dive into a lifetime of symptoms to create a personalized plan for each person.

We’re on a mission to change the future of medicine and create healthcare that truly understands female hormones.