Our story is your story. It’s all of our stories.

As women and people with cycles, we’ve been let down by the healthcare systems supposed to support us. Tuune is here to change that.

We’re building a fairer, personalized, medical system that puts our phenomenal hormones center stage—transforming the future of healthcare forever (no biggie).

Where it all began

Shardi Nahavandi, our CEO and cofounder, was misdiagnosed with bowel cancer. She couldn’t drink water, she couldn’t see, her hair was falling out. But doctors couldn’t find anything physically wrong. The prognosis? Simply, stress.

It didn’t add up. Shardi knew her symptoms were serious so why wasn’t she getting any clear answers? Doctors wouldn’t listen. Set on uncovering the answers herself she quit her job and a career pivot, two Masters degrees and countless research papers later, she found her kryptonite that no doctor could diagnose — a hormone imbalance.

Meet the Tuune team

We are a team of scientists, doctors, researchers, and engineers from all walks of life—united by and completely obsessed with our vision for a fairer medical system.

Shardi Nahavandi

Shardi Nahavandi

Cofounder & CEO

Shardi was inspired to set up Tuune after she was misdiagnosed with bowel cancer in her twenties. With her symptoms eventually put down to stress, she quit her job and pursued two additional health degrees to find out what was really happening with her health. After diagnosing herself with a hormone imbalance, she embarked on her own journey to solve the troubling disconnect between medicine and female health.

Dr. Peter Fish

Dr. Peter Fish

Cofounder & Chief Medical Officer

Medical doctor, scientist and serial entrepreneur, Peter holds degrees in molecular human genetics, medicine and an MBA. Peter was previously the Head of Clinical Strategy at Mendelian and at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, he led the COSMIC project–the world’s largest dataset on precision oncology.

Dr. Ali Kubba

Dr. Ali Kubba

Chief Medical Advisor

Dr. Ali Kubba is the Vice President of the European Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health and a board member of the European Society of Gynaecology. His fresh approach to personalized women’s health, combines both research and clinical practice.

Dr. Arushee Prasad

Dr. Arushee Prasad

Medical Advisor

Arushee is very passionate about digital health and algorithmic medicine, she believes digital health opens access to care and communication by providing patients with a platform where they feel more free to ask questions. Arushee was previously an Algorithmic Medical Doctor for Docly.

Dr. Laura Joigneau

Dr. Laura Joigneau

Medical Lead

Laura leads our team of deeply experienced doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and nurses who are passionate about providing care that is personalized, non-judgmental and patient-first. Laura, is an experienced Gynecologist, previously clinical lead at Zava. She combines clinical practice with research and regularly publishes research papers with her multidisciplinary group.

Our research partners

Tuune is backed by many of the world’s strongest global scientific institutions

The Francis Crick Institute
University of Cambridge
Innovate UK

Values that unite us

These are the values that keep us movin’ and shakin’, driving us in everything we do.


We women and people with cycles know all too well the frustrations that come with accessing adequate healthcare (you bet it, we’ve lived it). Think of us as your empathetic ear, in it together—always.


We’re for all people with periods—past, present, and future. No matter what you are, where you come from or what you do—you’re at home here.


You deserve honest, unbiased opinions on your health—we always stick to the science and offer you all of the options available to you. Plus, your privacy is our priority—we never (under any circumstance, ever) sell your data.


You betcha—we’re here for the long haul. Fixed on our destination, nothing is more important to us than our community and creating a fairer future for you.

We’re on a mission to change the future of medicine and create healthcare that truly understands female hormones.