We’re building a fairer medical system—one with you and your hormones at the heart

Healthcare is broken. We’re not fixing it, we’re revolutionizing it. By building a fairer, proactive healthcare system, we’re putting you back in control of your body, hormones and your health.

Our vision, your future.

Imagine, just for a second, a doctor that looked at every part of you—your hormones, your mood swings, your mental health, your physical health, your lifestyle, goals – even your opinions.

They treat you like a real individual, not an average. You feel seen, you feel heard, you feel respected.

They give you solutions that you actually understand (and that understand you). They make you feel empowered, valued — your care is based on your decisions.

Now imagine that feeling for every single woman under the sun. That’s right, every last one of us—no matter our race, ethnicity, sexuality, age or identity.

Why the system needs a switch-up

Simply put, current healthcare is not made for us women and folx with cycles. It’s made for men.

Cast aside in one discriminatory swipe, we were banned from early clinical trials until 1993. To this day, we still only get a look in on 22% of phase 1 clinical trials. Research, drugs—you name it—all trialed on (white, cisgendered) men, by (white, cisgendered) men, for (white, cisgendered) men.

Why? All because of our fluctuating (but oh-so-fabulous) hormones.

It’s time to stand up and say – enough! So long, farewell, good riddance to alllll of that.

The Tuune way of thinking says together, we can flip the script—we can change the tune. It’s time to put us, and our phenomenal hormones, right back where we belong.

Getting back in tune with you

We’re building a better system, that’s realistically radical, with the science built around you and your hormones. Our 4 pillar pledge sums up our way of thinking (a manifesto to you, if you will) of how we’re approaching your health differently.

You’re anything but average

You know it, we know it—you’re utterly unique, a one-of-a-kind wonder. Our healthcare embraces exactly that, by taking a truly individual approach with personalized, proactive medicine.

Every part of you matters

Your hormones, mental health and physical health are all linked, fluid and fundamental to what makes you, you. No more looking at each in isolation— instead, let’s take a completely holistic approach to your healthcare.

Working on your time (and budget)

No more waiting months for doctor’s appointments, no more agonizing over insurance. Everything you need to feel your best, exactly when you need it— working with you, your schedule and your cycle.

You’re a friend for life

You’re the master of your own health, we just give you the tools to get there. Oh, and we’ll never ghost you, we’ve got each other’s backs for life.

Closing the gender and diversity-data gaps

There are gaping gender-data and diversity-data gaps in current research, which impact our health everyday. We are committed to completely eradicating healthcare blindspots and ultimately, transforming the face of modern medicine for women, forever.

Our research will take our understanding of hormones and reproductive health to a whole new, never been seen before, level.

By joining Tuune, you’re directly contributing to this research—adding your voice to the fight against the current injustice in the system.

With each and every person that joins our movement, the closer we get. You’re helping to build that better, brighter, future—for all of us.

We know, our vision is a big one. And that’s exactly why we can’t do it without you.

We’re on a mission to change the future of medicine and create healthcare that truly understands female hormones.