Deliver personalized women's healthcare with our proprietary algorithms

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Widen your scope of practice and handle 70% of the cases asynchronously
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Practice at the top of your license and close the provider shortage gaps
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Clinical pathways refined to the unique needs of each woman
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Highly scalable and can be rolled out nationally
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Handle 70% of cases handled by primary care or OBGYNs

  • Our state-of-the-art algorithm has been trained based on thousands of high-quality scientific and clinical literature to provide you with the best evidence-based treatment plans tailored to your patients needs and symptoms.

  • Everything is tailored to each individual patient resulting in extraordinary patient satisfaction rates.

  • More so, our clinically driven algorithm helps you to get to the best outcome for your patients in the fastest and most efficient way.

  • Automate the consultation and triage process. Our tool enables asynchronous prescribing and can address the long-term inefficiency in the current prescribing methods.

  • Personalized to each patient. Intelligently select the optimum treatment plan that considers a woman's unique profile to improve patient outcomes.

  • 3x higher patient satisfaction. Our platform enables patients to select their tolerance and susceptibility to particular side-effects, helping patients to accurately understand their hormonal profiles significantly quicker than currently possible.

Areas we can support you

and menopause
problem areas
Wellwoman visits

We adhere to the highest medical standards to ensure your patients’ safety

Built by doctors
1000+ scientific papers reviewed
CDC safety standards
FDA-approved meds

Patient completes in-depth online assessment

Extremely detailed health information is captured, profiled, and analyzed. Our algorithm evaluates health history, symptoms, MEC eligibility, and all relevant medications. It then compares each profile with thousands of pages of scientific research.

A screenshot of example questions from Tuune's health assessment. The question reads: "How did your previous pill, Yaz, affect your anxiety?" The second question reads: "Which of your symptoms would you like us to prioritize solving for?"
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Receive detailed report and prescribe asynchronously

  • 70+ symptoms related to hormonal & reproductive health will be analyzed.
  • List of personalized, evidence-based treatment plans identified.
  • Predicting other health risks that might be happening in parallel.

Unlock personalized  recommendations

You and the patient will see how each method could affect their worst symptoms and choose an option that works for their body and their preferences according to science.

A screenshot of example questions from Tuune's health assessment. The question reads: "How did your previous pill, Yaz, affect your anxiety?" The second question reads: "Which of your symptoms would you like us to prioritize solving for?"

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Evidence-based technology, built by doctors

We are a team of doctors, researchers and engineers —united by our passion for improving hormonal healthcare.

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Shardi Nahavandi
Founder, CEO
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Stephen Butler, PhD
Head of research & Innovation
A photo of Jessica Pearce
Jessica Pearce, DO
Gynecologist, Medical lead
A photo of Brian Welsh
Brian Welsh, MD
FACOG, Advisor
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Sarah Hill, PhD
A photo of Kelly Culwell
Kelly Culwell, MD
OB-GYN, Advisor
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Ali Kubba, MD
Gynecologist, Advisor
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Spend less time and improve patient outcomes with Tuune

Reduces admin time

"It really reduces my admin time in the clinic. Plus,  patients love using the Tuune."
Medical Administration, Texas

Easier, quicker conversations

"I can spend more time talking patients through their options - which I love. Also, as the patients come in more educated, I don't have to repeat myself as much."
OBGYN, Texas

Happy patients

"Our patients just love Tuune. They feel so much more involved with their care. It's really great."
Nurse practitioner, Texas

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